Special Projects


Welcome to the Nashwaaksis Middle School GrassRoots page where you find links to our school's GrassRoots projects. These projects represent literally hundreds of hours of student work and teacher direction. Have a great visit and be sure to bookmark this page as it will be updated as new projects are added.

NMS Video
News Magazine

Intra Provincial
Telephone Conference

Virtual Tour of
UNB Fredericton

Fredericton During
The War Years

An N.B. Landmark-
Old Government House

Saint Thomas University
Virtual Tour

Grade 7 Math
Survey Says...

Middle Level Technology-
CO2 Dragsters

Fredericton, the Capital City-
Its Landmarks

Early 20th Century
N.B. Photographers

GrassRoots Dutch Twin Schools Project 2002

Nashwaaksis Middle Hiking Club

Les Films

Teleconferencing as a
Pedagogical Tool

NMS Bridge Contest

Familiar Faces of Fredericton

Hockey and Us Part 1

Hockey and Us Part 2

GrassRoots Dutch Twin
Schools Project 2003

Bulletins de nouvelles

Calendriers de sports

En espace

The Saint John River Project

GrassRoots Dutch Twin
Schools Project 2004

Project Mercury - Hg and Me

Antarctic Ice Site