The only reasons for an early dismissal are illness, accident, parental excuse, scheduled appointments. Dismissal excuses should be presented to homeroom teachers at the beginning of the school day.

Students wishing to leave the school due to illness or accident must inform their homeroom, subject or duty teacher before they leave. As well, contact must be made with a parent or guardian before leaving and the student must sign out at the office with a parent or guardian present.

Students who arrive late to school are to stop by the front office and receive an excuse to enter class. Students are to bring a note or have a parent or guardian telephone the school indicating the student will be late. If reasons for the tardiness are not communicated to the school, students will be required to make- up 15 minutes at noon (see Section 3).

For safety reasons, school policy requires visitors to check with the main office upon entry or when picking up their child/children.

Please note that the morning traffic pattern for Nashwaaksis Middle School has changed:

All parents/guardians will now use the Fulton Avenue entrance, go around the traffic circle and drop their students off in the front of the school. Once your child has been dropped off please proceed out to Fulton Avenue. In the interest of safety, please note that the only traffic that will be using the back driveway in the morning are school busses. Please be mindful of the posted speed limit in our driveway - 30KM/hr. Also the front of the school is a busy place, so be careful for pedestrians.

After school pick-up is the same as last year in that students may be picked up from the front and back of the school.

If a student is ill or is leaving the building for an appointment, it is acceptable for a parent or guardian to pick him/her up at the front of the building. Again, parents or guardians are required to come to the main office to properly sign out students.

Vehicles are not to travel around the school during school hours ( 7:30–3:30 ). As well, vehicles are not to pass school buses that are displaying their red flashing lights. Vehicles that pass school buses are reported to the police and met with the administration.

Parents or guardians are asked not to visit their child’s/children’s classrooms without authorization. They are asked to make a request with the secretary who will communicate with the teacher to determine whether it is a suitable time to meet. Parents or guardians are asked to make appointments if possible.



Nashwaaksis Middle School is located in the city of Fredericton, which is the capital city in the province of New Brunswick.Our province is located in the eastern part of Canada, just north of the state of Maine in the USA.

Fredericton is situated 100 kilometres inland from Saint John and is built around the beautiful Saint John River which flows through its centre. NMS is located on the north side of the river in the in the area called Nashwaaksis.

The red star on the map indicates the beginning of the front driveway to the school. On the map the blue area to the right of the star is the school!